Best of the month: What good stuff have you been missing out on?



In case you missed them, here are the best of the month:


Brainstorming: 3 reasons why everything you know is wrong.

“Don’t be critical”, “Generate lots of ideas” — it all goes against the research. Here’s what works.

Read it here.


How to network: 5 methods by top experts

Everybody knows you’re supposed to do it. Now learn the right way — and how to get started.

Read it here.


“Nice guys finish last.” Really? What does the research say?

Is the old saying true? Learn when it’s right — and when it’s wrong.

Read it here.


Ten research-based steps to a happier life

Ten quick things that will make you happier, all pulled from scientific research.

Read it here.


Interview: Persuasion expert Robert Cialdini explains the six ways to influence people 

Learn the six universal principles of influence from the most renowned researcher in the field.

Read it here.


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