Who is more courageous: soldiers, police, firefighters or… business executives?


Business executives showed less fear and more “willingness to act” than any of the other professions studied.

Via The Courage Quotient: How Science Can Make You Braver:

In a landmark study psychologists Cooper Woodard and Cynthia Pury measured the courage quotients of people from all walks of life. They measured both the fear and the willingness to act of college students, adults from a community sample, police officers, fire personnel, military officers in training, and corporate executives. Common opinion would hold that the military or emergency personnel would likely be the bravest of the bunch. Interestingly, the executives reported less fear and more willingness to act— that is, they had a higher courage quotient— than did members of any of the other groups, including those from traditionally high-risk professions such as police and firefighters (the “PF” group on the following chart).

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