When is the best time to ask for a raise?


PRBMN covers new research showing we’re more appreciative of help while it is happening, not after. So asking for a raise during a difficult project might make more sense than asking after it’s done:

Appreciation toward a helper peaks while the helper is still seen as instrumental in facilitating the completion of a goal — that is, before the goal has been completed — however, helpers expect appreciation to be highest after the goal is completed. The mismatch between the actual time of maximum appreciation and the expected time of maximum appreciation can leave people feeling unappreciated.

What does this have to do with your next raise? The conventional wisdom says that when you ask for a raise you should have something big you recently completed to use as evidence of your value. However, the results of the study imply that you would be better off asking for a raise in the middle of a project because at that point you would still be instrumental in achieving the project’s goal. After the project is finished you are no longer instrumental in its success.

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