What 5 things can you do to increase happiness?

Via Martin Seligman’s book, Authentic Happiness.

Here’s what to consider doing:

  1. Live in a wealthy democracy, not in an impoverished dictatorship (a strong effect) 
  2. Get married (a robust effect, but perhaps not causal)
  3. Avoid negative events and negative emotion (only a moderate effect)
  4. Acquire a rich social network (a robust effect, but perhaps not causal)
  5. Get religion (a moderate effect)

And here’s what you don’t need to worry about:

  1. Make more money (money has little or no effect once you are comfortable enough to buy this book, and more materialistic people are less happy)
  2. Stay healthy (subjective health, not objective health matters)
  3. Get as much education as possible (no effect)
  4. Change your race or move to a sunnier climate (no effect)

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