Here’s Whether Women Really Reach Their Sexual Peak In Their Thirties

Depends on how you define “peak.” Women in their 30’s report more orgasms but not more desire.

Via Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes?: Bodies, Behavior, and Brains–The Science Behind Sex, Love, & Attraction:

Many women believe a libidinous tidal wave will rush over them in their thirties, but the theory doesn’t quite hold water. It was popularized by the sex researcher/crusader Alfred Kinsey. Conducting national surveys throughout post World War II America, Kinsey found that women ages thirty to thirty-four report more orgasms than do women of any other age. Yet there’s no conclusive evidence that orgasm frequency translates into higher sex drive…

…To see if there’s a link between age and sexual desire, psychologists David Schmitt and his colleagues at Bradley University surveyed approximately eight hundred women of all ages. Among other questions, they asked the women to rate thier sexuality on scales of lust, seductiveness, abstinence, promiscuity, and infidelity. Compared to other age groups, (the relatively small number of) women who were between thirty and thity-four reported a barely significant increase in lust, seductiveness, and sexual activity.

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