Can women tell a nice guy from a player by looking at his eyes?

They think they can.

Guys whose opened their eyes wider were more likely to be perceived as interested in long-term relationships. Squinters were seen as being more interested in sex:

Facial features and expressions influence perceptions of attractiveness, personality, behavioral tendencies, and relationship preferences. We manipulated eyelid openness in facial images of two men. Consistent with our predictions, open eyelid images were associated more so with behaviors consistent with long-term mating strategies and lowered eyelid images were associated more so with behaviors consistent with short-term mating strategies. Participants generally rated the men depicted in the open eyelid images as more attractive; however, the difference between images decreased as the prospective relationship length decreased. Participants’ preferences matched their expectations for the people in the images, for example, mate-guarding concerns were stronger for the lowered eyelid images. Our results suggest that eyelid openness serves as a heuristic in evaluating an individual’s mating intentions. Understandably, we did not find effects seen for manipulations of structural characteristics such as facial masculinity and symmetry, which are thought to be indicators of genetic quality.

Source: “The effect of eyelid constriction on perceptions of mating strategy: Beware of the squinty-eyed guy!” from Personality and Individual Differences

Interesting because “wide-eyed” is often used to describe people who are innocent or naive.

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