Can “emotion gaming” make you a better negotiator?

People who were able to convince the other side that a first offer made them angry got better deals:

Via CBC News:

Want a better deal when negotiating the price of a car or house? Make sellers believe you are upset with them over their initial offer, suggests new research into consumer behaviour.

Marketing experts with the University of California at Berkeley call the behaviour “emotion gaming,” and say their study shows not only is it a powerful negotiating technique, but many of us have no qualms in using it.


Andrade and his colleague, Teck-Hua Ho, discovered that the ruse did in fact work.

Participants asked to divide the money in the second game gave more to their partners when they were made aware of their partners’ level of anger.

But the trick, said Andrade, is to make your negotiating partner believe your anger is genuine.

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