How can you enjoy good moments more and feel less pain from bad experiences?

Explaining emotional experiences reduces the intensity of our feelings.

Explain the bad things that happen but just enjoy the good moments.

Via Eurekalert:

People who are explaining and sharing hedonic (sensory or emotional) experiences have their emotions dampened, Moore found. “Explaining why a chocolate cupcake tasted so divine makes us love the cupcake a little less, while explaining why a movie was so horrible makes us hate the movie a little less,” Moore explains. And people who share about hedonic experiences are less likely to spread word-of-mouth opinions about them in the future.

On the other hand, utilitarian (cognitive) experiences, such as using a USB stick or a cleaning product are based on functions instead of emotions; explaining helps consumers understanding the experience. “Explaining why a USB stick is so great makes us like the USB stick more, while explaining why a cleaning product is so horrible makes us dislike the cleaning product more,” Moore writes.

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