What makes women more likely to ask men out?

A feeling of personal control:

Previous research demonstrates a gender difference in the strategies that people use to initiate heterosexual romantic relationships, with men typically playing a more active role than women (Clark, Shaver, & Abrahams, 1999). The current research tests whether bolstering women’s personal control can eliminate this prevalent gender difference. Across three studies, one correlational and two experimental, results revealed that when women’s sense of personal control is heightened, they become just as willing as men to exert effort and to use direct strategies to initiate relationships. Our findings suggest that the gender difference in participation in the initiation process may be more malleable than previously thought and that feelings of personal control may underlie this gender divide.

Source:  Breaking the rules: Personal control increases women’s direct relationship initiation” from Journal of Social and Personal Relationships September 2011 vol. 28 no. 6 848-867

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