What kind of insane stuff do you come across when you read far too many scientific studies?

To post so much so frequently I need to read a lot more than you ever see here on the blog. A lot more.

In doing so I come across some crazy stuff.

I’m normally focused on studies that make you scratch your head or can improve your life but everyone can use some crazy now and then.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but here’s some of the stranger stuff I have come across lately:


Darth Vader Made Me Do It! Anakin Skywalker’s Avoidance of Responsibility and the Gray Areas of Hegemonic Masculinity in the Star Wars Universe

Vegan Sexuality: Challenging Heteronormative Masculinity through Meat-free Sex

Fatal hypernatremia due to drinking a large quantity of shoyu (Japanese soy sauce)

Wine fraud

Which type of washing machine should you choose?

Major influences on circus attendance

Removal of a Long PVC Pipe Strangulated in the Penis by Hot-Melt Method

Show Me the Money: Cybershrews and on-line Money Masochists

Ejaculation as a potential treatment of nasal congestion in mature males

Effects of exposure to a mobile phone on sexual behavior in adult male rabbit: an observational study

Getting Lost in Buildings

Conceptualizing the Cognitive and Functional Benefits of Playing Beatles Rock Band from an Ecological, Bio-Psychosocial Perspective

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