Do women go to strip clubs for different reasons than men do?

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Patrons of male strip clubs have not been studied in much depth. Thus, this article provides a description and analysis of the different types of patrons of the male strip club. Looking specifically at the influence of gender in this sexualized atmosphere, we identify and describe the manifest diverse reasons that motivate attendance as well as various patterns of behavior. Based on more than 30 hours of participant observation at an urban male strip club, we establish a two-part typology that illuminates the differences in behavior among women. Additionally, we find that while women enjoyed the voyeuristic elements of the show, this was secondary to the shared experience of being at the club with friends and “women bonding.” This suggests that men and women patronize strip clubs for different reasons and that the show itself has different, gendered meanings.

Source: “Ladies night out: a typology of women patrons of a male strip club” from Deviant Behavior, Volume 24, Issue 4, 2003, Pages 333 – 352

The Great Happiness Space is a documentary about host clubs in Japan where women pay for the (non-sexual) company of men. Very interesting.

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