Are superheroes sexist?

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That comic is from the 60’s. The study found that things have changed in 50 years:

This study analyzes portrayals of female and male superheroes in children’s cartoons. Specifically, this study investigated whether or not animated superheroes were portrayed in gender-role stereotypical ways. Coders analyzed 70 characters from 160 hours of recorded programming. Surprisingly, the researchers found few instances of traditional gender-role stereotyping. However, a trend toward defining “superheroics” in strictly traditional masculine terms was noted. Various media theories are used to discuss the potential effects of these portrayals.

Source: “Equally Super?: Gender-Role Stereotyping of Superheroes in Children’s Animated Programs” from Mass Communication and Society, Volume 10, Issue 1 May 2007 , pages 25 – 41

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