Is there a trick to make sure you put 100% into the tasks in front of you?

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Here’s an interesting idea:

People need to allocate their limited cognitive resources to current and future tasks. We provide evidence that anticipating the resource demands of a future task creates a “get ready mind-set” that mobilizes these resources. However, the mobilized resources for the future task can carry over to unrelated current tasks. This implies the counterintuitive notion that anticipating difficult tasks in the future leads to greater effort expenditure on unrelated tasks in the present. We also demonstrate that resource carryover is particularly likely when consumers’ ability to separate tasks is low, whereas resource conservation is more likely when ability to separate is high.

Source: “The Get Ready Mind-Set: How Gearing Up for Later Impacts Effort Allocation Now” from Journal of Consumer Research

So having a really difficult task on the calendar Tuesday might help you really get to work on all those less difficult Monday tasks.

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