Is moving to a new home more stressful for men or women?

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To reexamine the negative psychological effects of residential mobility, secondary analyses were conducted using a representative sample. Mobility had significant effects on depression, after controlling for social class, marital status, gender, and employment. In separate analyses by gender, the mobility effect was significant for women only. The exposure hypothesis, that women experience more stress, was partially supported: housework, children, and career sacrifices predicted depression, but did not account for the mobility effect. The vulnerability hypothesis, that women respond differently to stressors, was partly supported: weak social ties affected women more than men, but did not account for mobility effects. It appears that moving may contribute to gender differences in depression.

Source: “Is Moving Gendered? The Effects of Residential Mobility on the Psychological Well-Being of Men and Women” from Sex Roles, Volume 47, Numbers 11-12, 553-560

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