What happens when a male politician makes sexist comments about a female politician?

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It causes people to like her less — unless she points out that the remarks are inappropriate:

Sexist language used by a male political candidate toward a female political candidate causes a drop in her support, unless the woman points out that the remarks are inappropriate, according to a recent study sponsored by Women’s Media Center, the WCF Foundation and Political Parity, Politico reports… Support for the woman decreased by 21% among people who heard the sexist comments, compared with a 10% decrease among those who heard the discussion focusing only on policy.

The study also found that support for the female candidate increased when she called the sexist comments “inappropriate.” The numbers went even higher when the female candidate called the remarks “sexist, divisive rhetoric.” According to Politico, the data counter traditional advice given to women running for office to ignore sexist remarks.

Source: Medical News Today

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