How many heterosexual men use vibrators?

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This nationally representative study documents that vibrator use among heterosexually identified men in the United States is common, with 43.8% reporting use of a vibrator at some point in their lives, with most vibrator use by heterosexual men occurring within the context of sexual interactions with a female partner. Approximately 94% of male vibrator users reported that they had used a vibrator during sexual play with a partner, and 82% reported that they had used a vibrator during sexual intercourse. These data support the work of therapists and educators who often make recommendations for the incorporation of vibrators into partnered relationships.

Source: “Vibrator Use Among Heterosexual Men Varies by Partnership Status: Results From a Nationally Representative Study in the United States” from Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, Volume 36, Issue 5 October 2010 , pages 389 – 407

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