Are the homeless more educated than the non-homeless in New York City?

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The study had a small sample size but found that homeless adults were better educated but had fewer social ties:

We interviewed 61 housed and 79 homeless adults aged 55 and over about disability; economic, human and social capital; and stressful life events prior to becoming homeless. Over half of the homeless group had previously led conventional lives. Human capital, social capital and life events were more important than disability or economic capital in predicting homelessness. The homeless adults were younger, more likely to be male and better educated than housed adults, but had shorter job tenure and fewer social ties. Homeless adults faced multiple, cascading risks, including job loss and housing loss. Implications for prevention are discussed.

Source: “Predictors of Homelessness among Older Adults in New York City, Disability, Economic, Human and Social Capital and Stressful Events” from Journal of Health Psychology

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