What percentage of women are unhappy with their breasts? What percentage of men are unhappy with their partner’s breasts?


The prevalence of breast augmentation and breast lift surgery suggests that many women are dissatisfied with their breasts. This study analyzed women’s and men’s views about breast size and shape among 52,227 heterosexual adults, ages 18-65, who responded to an online survey. Although most women (70%) were dissatisfied with the size or shape of their breasts, most men (56%) were satisfied with their partner’s breasts. Younger and thinner women worried that their breasts were too small; older and heavier women were more concerned with breast droopiness. Women who were dissatisfied with their breasts were more likely to report lower body satisfaction and to express concern about wearing a bathing suit in public. Further, dissatisfied women were also less willing to undress in front of their partner and were more likely to conceal their breasts from their partner during sex. These findings suggest that dissatisfaction with breasts is widespread among adult women.

Source: “The Barbie Mystique: Satisfaction with Breast Size and Shape across the Lifespan” from International Journal of Sexual Health, Volume 20, Issue 3 August 2008 , pages 200 – 211

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