Is the partner who decides to divorce more attractive?

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Five hundred eighty divorced individuals from Germany, Italy, and Switzerland provided retrospective reports on the perceived similarities and differences between themselves and their former partner and on their own and their partner’s attractiveness. Initiators and noninitiators were compared with regard to these different variables. Results demonstrated that most divorcees perceived themselves to be quite similar to their former partner. Initiating women were more likely than noninitiating women to perceive themselves as different from their former partner in personality, norms, and needs and to evaluate their former partner to be less attractive. Initiating men were more likely than noninitiating men to perceive differences with regard to the personality between themselves and their partners.

Source: “Is the Partner Who Decides to Divorce More Attractive? A Comparison Between Initiators and Noninitiators” from Journal of Divorce & Remarriage, Volume 50, Issue 1 January 2009 , pages 22 – 37

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