Do murals reduce graffiti?

This study investigated whether the use of a colorful mural as a passive thematic prompt could significantly reduce new graffiti attacks in an area prone to graffiti. A control design with a preceding baseline tested this hypothesis. It was predicted that the mural would reduce the proportional amount of new graffiti that appeared on the mural area compared with a blank area. Acolorful muralwas painted on the section of a wall that had attracted the most graffiti during baseline. Data consisting of numbers of instances of new graffiti were recorded by two observers. Eight new graffiti attacks were recorded on the newly cleaned area with the mural after weeks (vs. 14 attacks in the fortnight of baseline). The main control section of wall was subject to significantly higher levels of graffiti during intervention than the mural section.

Source: “The Mural as graffiti deterrence” from Environment and Behavior

“A Humument” is one of the most creative books I’ve ever seen, merging art and story. And Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s book, Creativity, does the best job of explaining where creativity comes from. Here’s an interesting book that says right brained intelligence holds the key to the future. I also recommend Uncommon Genius.

More books like this that had a profound influence on me are here.

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