Do Homosexual Couples Save More?

Homosexual couples are far less likely to have kids and it looks like they use that income to save for retirement:

We analyze how sexual orientation is related to household savings using 2000 US Census data, and find that gay and lesbian couples own significantly more retirement income than heterosexuals, while cohabiting heterosexuals save more than their married counterparts. In a household savings model, we interpret this homosexual-specific differential as due to the extremely low fertility of same-sex couples, in addition to the precautionary motives driving cohabiting households to save more than married ones. Evidence from homeowners’ ratio of mortgage payments to house value exhibits the same pattern of savings differentials by sexual orientation and cohabiting status.

Source: “Sexual Orientation and Household Savings: Do Homosexual Couples Save More?” from IZA Discussion Paper No. 4961, May 2010

Best, most accessible book on personal finance out there is I Will Teach You To Be Rich. I like his system of automating your finances. You can learn some good fundamentals from Suze Orman.

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