Can male hormone levels predict intellectual abilities and interests?

Androgens affect many physical traits, especially ones having to do with muscularity, voice timber, and hair growth. The present study was undertaken to assess the influence of androgens on human intellectual abilities and interests. A large sample of North American college students self-assessed their intelligence, academic interests, grade point averages, and achievement test scores. These traits were compared to scores on eight androgen-influenced traits. Numerous modest but statistically significant relationships were found between androgen-promoted physical traits and self-reported intelligence, especially among males. However, virtually no significant correlations were found between these androgen-promoted traits and grades, class rank, or ACT/SAT scores. Regarding academic interests, significant positive associations with androgen-promoted traits were found, with the strongest links involving the natural sciences and mathematics. This study suggests that androgens influence intelligence, but that they primarily do so by impacting intellectual interests in the physical environment and mathematical reasoning.

Source: “Androgen-promoted traits and intellectual abilities and interests” from Personality and Individual Differences, Volume 47, Issue 6, October 2009, Pages 647-651
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