Which are more stable: long distance or local relationships?

Long distance. Turns out the lack of face to face contact increases idealization. And once they get close? They were more likely to end the relationship:

Two studies explore the seeming paradox reported in prior researchon long-distance dating relationships (LDDRs):Despite limited interaction, LDDR partners evidence greater relational stability than partners in geographicallyclose dating relationships (GCDRs). We investigatespeculations that romantic idealization may be a key component in LDDR stability. Idealization (i.e., idealisticdistortion, romantic love, relational reminiscence,perceived agreement) and satisfaction with communicationwas more pronounced in LDDRs than GCDRs. Idealization was also associated with infrequent face-to-face communication.LDDRs were more stable than GCDRs as long asLDDR partners remained geographically separated, but LDDR partners were likely to terminate their relationshipupon becoming proximal. Longer absences betweenface-to-face visits and extreme idealization during separationpredicted instability upon reunion.

Source: “Idealization, reunions, and stability in long-distance dating relationships” from Journal of Social and Personal Relationships

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