How To Increase The Amount Of “Good Sex” You Have

It’s less about the Kama Sutra and more about increasing self-esteem:

Self-determination Theory posits that psychological wellbeing stems from feeling autonomous, competent, and related. Prior research has found that people report that, on days in which they perceive these needs are met, they have good days, as evidenced by both positive mood and fewer physical symptoms. The current research examined the relationship between satisfaction of these needs and sexuality, hypothesizing that having sexual interactions in which these needs are met, will result in more satisfying and positive experiences. For 3 weeks, participants described and rated each of their sexual interactions. Results suggest that greater need satisfaction is related to more positive sexual experience. Differences in general-level needs were also examined as they moderated the above relationship.

Source: “In pursuit of ‘good’ sex: Self-determination and the sexual experience” from Journal of Social and Personal Relationships

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