Birthday thoughts.

Today’s my birthday. It got me thinking.

Do you understand the power of compound interest? And I’m not talking about finance, actually.

I started this blog about 9 months ago as a little social media experiment. 6 months ago it started taking the shape of what it is today. Now all the sudden there are over 1100 posts, thousands of people paying attention every day, a store, comments, links…

Compound interest.

You know what happens when you do something every day for two hours? In 13 years you’re a Malcolm Gladwell “Outliers” genius at it. 13 years might seem like a long time looking forward, but try looking back. 13 years ago? Maybe not as long. Feels like I started this blog yesterday.

Let me get to the big point here: You are what you do all day.

What does all this research about your body adapting to circumstances tell us? You are what you do all day.

What does all this research about brain plasticity and rewiring tell us? You are what you do all day.

That probably scares the shit out of a lot of people. And it should.

What did you do today? Is that what you want to be a genius at in 13 years? Is that what you want to become?

Nietzsche spoke of the eternal recurrence. Basically, you should live in such a way so that if I said to you, “You’re going to have to repeat this life over and over again for infinity” that your response would be “Sounds great.”

Do you feel that way? If not, are you going to change what you do tomorrow?

Your brain will change to adapt. Your body will change to adapt.

But will you?

Time to start my next year in this life.

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