Are early risers more proactive than night owls?


…according to Christoph Randler who surveyed 367 student participants and found a correlation between their self-reported ‘morningness’ (as revealed by their answers to questions about how easy they find it to get up in the morning and how alert they feel) and their self-reported proactivity (measured by their agreement with statements like ‘I spend time identifying long-range goals for myself’ and ‘I feel responsible for my own life’). The correlation was relatively weak (.44, where 1 would be a perfect match) but was statistically significant.


This is far from being the first study to look for associations between people’s sleep habits and other personality factors. Prior research suggests that evening people are more extaverted, pessimistic and creative, whilst morning people are more conscientious. Twin studies suggest that genetic differences explain a lot of the variation in people’s morningness and eveningness.


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