12% of cellphone owners have broken up with someone via text message:

As text messaging has become as important as voice calling, the study found that it has changed the way people manage their relationships. Some 31% of people across all the markets surveyed have lied about their whereabouts via text, one in five has set up a first date and 12% have broken up with someone.

Synovate suggests that, in some cultures, this ‘hiding’ behind the cellphone enables users  to be bolder, or more timid, than they may be in person.

Some ways respondents have used texting to enhance their relationships:

  • One third of all respondents globally have flirted with their partners by text, including 36% of Americans.
  • 15% have flirted with someone other than their partner, led by the Brits (26%) and Russians (24%). Fewer (16%) of Americans say they have done this.
  • 20% of respondents worldwide have set up a first date via text, including 9% of Americans.

Some ways respondents have used texting to deliver potentially bad news:

  • 12% have broken up with someone via text, led by 23% of Filipinos. Just 4% of Americans have done this.
  • Overall, 8% of respondents have been dumped via text, led by 20% of Malaysians, while only 5% of Americans have been dumped via text.
  • Led by 49% of Filipinos, 35% of global respondents have hidden behind text to say no or send a difficult message. Least likely to hide behind text are Canadians (79% say they haven’t done this) and Americans (71%).
  • 31% agreed they have lied about why they were running late or where they are, led by 57% of Filipinos. Least likely to lie via text are the Dutch (84% say they haven’t) and Americans (79%).

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