Can you learn to dissect people’s personalities from a distance like Sherlock Holmes?


The BBC series Sherlock is currently my favorite show on television.

Sherlock Holmes instantly decodes someone’s life story and personality from a quick look at the person and their belongings.

Of course, the show is fiction. But Sherlock Holmes is a great example of expert behavior.

How much of his skill could we possess in real life with knowledge of the research on what factors predict which personality traits — and which signals are reliable?

Here’s a quick rundown on how you too can develop a piercing eye like the great Sherlock Holmes:

  • Look at photos. Does their smile affect their whole face, or just raise the corners of their mouth? A smile can tell you how happy someone is — and how happy they’ll be.
  • Left-handed? Goldmine, especially in the area of trust and creativity.

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