10 things that you need to know about sex:

1) You can probably tell how sexual a woman is just by looking at her.

2) In fact, you can probably tell how orgasmic she is by how she walks.

3) And if she is more sexual, she’s also more likely to be bisexual.

4) So few women pay for online porn that a female name on a credit card used to subscribe to a site gets the submission flagged as fraudlent.

5) Is this going by quickly? Time flies when you’re reading about sex.

6) Guys, want to be more attractive to women?

7) Ladies, want the guys to like you? Mimic them.

8) Over a million Americans between 25 and 40 are still virgins.

9) S+M can improve a relationship.

10) One in four men has faked an orgasm.

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